Vision Statement

OnSite is determined to build on our reputation for excellence, sustainability, collaboration, and commitment. To achieve this, OnSite will continuously improve the quality of services offered, as well as, exceed expectations for each project awarded. OnSite’s success so far can be attributed to the adherence of the values that guide the company.

Core Values

As a company, OnSite is guided by our deeply rooted values. Our team embodies integrity, leadership, accountability, and respectability. We recognize our actions can influence those around us; by making the conscience decision to help and serve others, OnSite has grown into a well- respected company. OnSite upholds these values and principles everyday, our employees strive to maintain the established culture.


OnSite will assemble a team of professionals who will ensure the highest quality construction standards are utilized on every project, while efficiently managing varied, simultaneous, and critical responsibilities. The team will assess issues and develop resolutions quickly to meet productivity, quality, and customer satisfaction while establishing and maintaining client relations. Each proposed staff member has an OSHA 30 hour Construction Safety and Health certificate, ASHE – Healthcare Construction Certificate, United States Army Corps of Engineers QC membership, and is CPR & First Aid Certified. Our employees are our primary asset. The collaboration between different team members and their respective disciplines allows for creative ideas, innovation, and a successful deliverable.

OnSite has a passion to support our country, specifically veterans and current service members. OnSite recognizes the sacrifices and hardships soldiers endure during their deployment, as well as, when they return home. Healthcare projects have become a focal point to Onsite. Our team wants to provide veterans with the best possible care following their deployment. Their devotion and passion for protecting their country has been an inspiration to OnSite. Our team is committed to providing unrivaled excellence, to honor the service and support the needs of military men and women.

OnSite is dedicated to providing the finest quality, while also completing the project on-time or ahead of schedule. By having a high standard of excellence, our team delivers high quality projects. Our reputation is derived from our clients satisfaction with the final product. The demand for excellence pushes our team to think out-side the box and create a lasting legacy. OnSite’s commitment to excellence stems from conception of a project to closeout.



Our team, adheres to strict procedures for both themselves and those working on a construction site. All employees both in the field and office participate in safety training. These trainings keep associates up to date on current safety information. The safety information is updated constantly to improve the protection and performance of workers. The safety culture is one of the most important aspects of OnSite. Our team uses technology to enhance the safety atmosphere and streamline all reports and processes used. OnSite requires all field team members to wear the appropriate personal protection equipment (PPE) in operations where there is exposure to hazardous conditions or where there equipment to reduce the hazards to the employees is indicated.

These capabilities allow OnSite to perform at the highest level, while providing specialized experience. We believe that these values will continue to aid the growth of the company, as well as, the reputation earned from all stakeholders. OnSite will continue to be passionate about helping our clients and our country’s veterans.